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We are BidMyAdz

a global programmatic advertising network

We are providing thorough and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. Our technology collection includes SSP, DSP and DMP, all of which are linked to one of the world’s most advanced and cost-effective RTB exchanges.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

We have the right solution for everything you need to plan, buy, optimize, and measure your media campaigns across all formats and all devices worldwide. In short called DSP (Demand-Side Platform).

DSP allows you to purchase impressions across a variety of publisher sites. The impressions can be highly targeted based on information such as the browser’s location and previous online behavior.

  • Global premium inventory - 100+ TOP SSPs
  • Multi-format cross-device support
  • Self-service platform - live campaigns in 5 clicks
  • Transparency and safety, GDPR compliant

Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

An SSP, (Supply-Side Platform), is an online software solution for publishers to manage marketing campaigns, both desktop and mobile. SSPs are very useful for publishers to help them sell display, video and mobile ads.

Publishers can manage ads coming from multiple advertisers in real time and track the revenue they earn.

This is how SSPs solves one of the biggest challenges publishers are facing today – to keep their fill rate as high as possible.

  • Access to 100+ trusted DSPs
  • Direct demand from BidMyAdz.DSP and BidMyAdz Networks
  • Risk-free demand scanned by leading ad verification vendors
  • Display | Native | Video | Pop | Push
  • Any environment: Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app, CTV, DOOH