About Us

We empower media companies through tested and proven advertising solutions that go beyond market potential.


A global programmatic Ad Network, BidMyAdz has established itself as a trustworthy partner, providing solutions to boost online business growth for advertisers and publishers. In the ever growing world of digital marketing, your business needs to be one step ahead of customer needs and desires. Our goal is to build stable and beneficial relationships with our business partners and dedicate our work to mutual growth and success. With our expertise and knowledge, we can provide your business with a reliable comprehensive solution that is more cost-effective with transparency and ease.


Thanks to our innovative technologies and expertise, we effectively connect the ends of the ad chain, advertisers with the media that display online ads. We started small and local, and today we work with advertisers and publishers globally. Our team is formed by leaders in the global media industry. We understand the challenges modern-day media companies face and have solved them – making us ideal partners in innovation and growth.


Cooperating our way to success

By working with our team, you can boost your advertising campaigns and deliver results more quickly and efficiently. Our professionals will help you expand your customer base and move beyond your business potential. We can launch and deliver your campaigns and actively improve your advertising.